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Children's Participative Workshop Programme

Ideal one and two hour workshops for schools, play schemes, leisure centers etc. ...where children are led, tutored and inspired by David Cooper BSc(Hons) to learn a new skill in fun and cooperative fashion.  At the end of the workshop the children can take their creations home with them to show Mum and Dad. 

The ethos of the workshops are fun, cooperation, collaboration, creativity and playfulness delivered in a up-beat, positive and humorous manner.

Free handouts will be provided for every child attending.
Balloon Modelling - Maximum  30 children will be coached into making swords, knights, angels, flowers, bracelets, etc out of the long thin modelling balloons.  Includes, materials, travel, tuition, handouts etc.
Face Painting - Maximum 30 children will learn to paint on each other - tigers, flowers, rabbits, wizards etc. Face paints are none toxic, hypo-allergenic and easily removed with soap and water. 
Mask Making - Maximum 30 learn to make masks and decorate them, cat, castle, butterfly and hundreds of other designs with lots of decorations, sequins, feathers,  glue and coloring and decorating pens.
Puppet Making - Learn to make dolly peg puppets, design, make, decorate and color your own puppet.  Great fun.
1 hour workshops - £150.
2 hour workshops - £200.

Please bear in mind the following: 

*   25 years of full time experience - since 1988.
*   Over 4,000 bookings performed at.
*   Trained over 2000 + individuals in face painting, balloon modelling &
     comedy magic.
*   Fully Police Checked.
*   Fully Insured.
*   All bookings confirmed in writing
*  100 % - Money Back - No Quibble - Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
*  Lectured at The International Party Show, The World Clown Convention,
    European Clowns Convention.
*  References and thank you letters available.
To make booking or inquiries please contact:
David Cooper BSc(Hons) - Lorralaughs The Clown - Children's Entertainment,


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