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21 Ideas to help you to plan & organize a successful children's party.........

1A.  How Much Space Does Lorralaughs The Clown / Magician / Pirate / Wizard Need?

I need to be sited in a prominent position at the front of the hall, or venue.  If at all possible please provide a 6 foot long & waist height trestle table for me to use.

I need to have a solid wall behind myself ideally and no-one seated or standing behind me or at the sides of where I perform.

I need to have an area at least 10 foot wide and about 15 foot long to sit all the children and to site my 6 foot wide table, my PA and music system and my roll-on magic table:

1.  The two main things to ensure a well run and successful party are planning and preparation.

If you can manage to plan having the venue laid out and the decorations put up the day before - you will achieve a good result.

If you have the time for a thorough clean of the venue and the tables the day before this will lift the energy and help to add some sparkle to the room.

Preparation - drawing up a 'do' list is a very good idea - think through the actions you need to perform to deliver a good party - write down a list of things you need to do and the preparations required and remember many hands make light work.   Get as many friends and relations to help you as possible and delegate items from your 'do' list - to make you feel less stressed.

An excellent idea is to hold a joint party with your child's friend.  Arrange the party half way between the two birthday's.  You can pool resources, share the work on the costs and the room preparation, the decorations and food preparation.  You will have the resources of two families to help to run and organize the party and you halve the stress and burden on your self.  By having  two families financing the party you can provide a higher standard of room hire, decorations, food, take-home bags and entertainment.

A very good way of cementing friendships, reducing the stress and delivering a better result for your child and their friends.

On the food preparation - if you have everything pre-prepared and plated up - the night before and put in the fridge - you will achieve a better result than attempting to prepare everything on the day of the party.  If stress goes in to the food preparation - the stress will show on the day of the party.

Planning and preparation will help you to enjoy the actual party and enjoy the time with your guests and friends.

The less stress you have on the day of the party the better the result you will achieve.

2.  Items that we need you to supply for Lorralaughs The Clown at the party venue:

*  I have 7 - 8 large bags of equipment to bring to the party venue - please reserve me a      car parking space adjacent to the entrance to your house or hall where the party is 
   taking place.  

*  Large table - about  three foot high and five to six foot long - a tressle table size is ideal     - to place my party equipment and paraphernalia on.  I supply a washable sign written       table cloth to dress the table with.

*  Access to one 13 amp socket. (I always bring a 25 meter extension cable).

*  Small bathroom to change into costume and apply make-up - if venue 
    is a hall - a disabled toilet is ideal.  Room needs a water supply & a
    mirror if possible.

*  Water supply - if face painting booked.

*  Large table for face painting - ideally - two -  three foot high  and about 2
   - 4  foot square.  I supply a washable & water proof table cloth.

3.  In order to help with the organization of your party entertainment we would be most grateful if you would do a small task on our behalf.  If you purchase some white oblong sticky labels, and write the Christian name of each child on each sticker in solid bold black marker pen & then attach the sticker at chest height to each child.  This easy task will enable us to identify all the children immediately and ensure the smooth running of your party.  To be able to use an individual's child's name help's enormously with the successful organization and control of the party and the children.  Thank you for your co-operation.

4.  Time your party to commence at least 15 minutes before Lorralaughs The Clown (David Cooper) is booked to start the show.  This will allow plenty of time for all the children to arrive before he starts the performance.   If you ask on the invitations for the children to arrive at 1 pm - the last stragglers will be arriving at 1.15pm.  If the entertainer is booked to run the party from 1pm - you would for example need to ask the children to arrive at 12.45 pm - for them to be in good time for the entertainer to commence promptly at 1pm.

5.  Provide two tables near the entrance door to the hall or house.  One table for cards and gifts brought by the guests to be placed on and displayed.  The other table is for the children's coats, scarfs, gloves and hats.  A third table could be provided to place the take-home party bags on - near to the exit door.

6.  If you are holding your party in the Summer, we are really sorry, but we don't perform in gardens.  This is for a number of very good reasons, all discovered through hard experience.  A good idea is to let the children enjoy their party refreshments in the garden and then hold the show inside the house or hall.

7.  A good idea, if possible, is to allow Lorralaughs The Clown (David Cooper) to set up his show in a separate room from the children when he arrives. This means that the show, magic and equipment can be set up without the prying eyes of the children and then the children can be brought into the performance room as a complete surprise.

8. Let children under 5 years of age know that a clown will be visiting their party, as it can come as something of a shock when a brightly costumed person with a colorful wig and make-up walks in through the door.  A good idea to help the children become accustomed to the idea of a clown entertaining them is to supply some color - in pictures of a clown and some crayons and run a competition for the children to color in the clown picture.  You can explain the significance of the clown red nose etc.

9. Lorralaughs has experienced problems parking at venues - if possible could you please arrange a parking space for the car whilst Lorralaughs is at your party.as he has several heavy bags and cases which are very difficult to carry over long distances by hand.  If at all possible could someone assist Lorralaughs with his bags if a nearby parking space is not available.

10.  Attach a number of banners and balloons to the front of your home, driveway, fence or hall so that Lorralaughs and all your guests can easily identify your party venue.

11.  When planning the party, and Lorralaughs is only doing a one hour spot, rather than entertaining throughout the whole of the party, we have found it is a good idea if the children eat before Lorralaughs arrives to perform his show.  If the children have just finished school they will be hungry!  You may also wish to play a few games with them which should help to burn off any excess energy!  Once they have eaten - they tend to sit better and concentrate better on the magic show.

12.  Please ensure that you bring a box of matches and or a lighter to light the candles for the cake - can't tell you how many parties that have provided a beautiful cake and they have overlooked a way of lighting the candles.

13.  Good idea to take a photograph of the cake and to build a photo collection of all of your child's birthday cakes for the first ten years of his / her life.  Very nice to look back at the ideas / thinking behind the cake designs.

14. Ensure all pets and animals are safely locked away as they can cause a big distraction to the children and some children have a fear of certain animals and can have a fur allergy.

15.  Please ensure that all children who wish to, visit the toilet before we start one of our magic shows.  I have had a few unfortunate accidents that have spoiled an otherwise happy occasion.  Children can be a bit shy with a relative stranger about asking to go to the loo - make it easy for them and prompt them.

16  Seating - for Lorralaugh's comedy magic shows - we prefer the children to be sat on the floor NOT on seats.  A nice warm blanket or mat for them to sit on works wonders on a cold floor of a hall.  

17.  Lorralaugh's knows that Mums and Dads like to attend the parties and enjoy the social side - if you could prompt them to be nice and quiet during the magic show - Lorralaugh's can then deliver a good performance.
Thank you.

18.  Avoid handing out party poppers, trumpets, whistles, blowers, balloons, or other items that can make a noise and cause distraction until after the magic show has been presented.  Thank you.

19.  To really make the children have a magical time.  Hire one or two good quality animal costumes, lion, dog, teddy bear, white rabbit, or cartoon characters or buy second hand off e-bay, and get a friend or family member to dress up during the arrival, departure and the tea break.  Good photo opportunity's and all the children love to hug a favorite character or animal.

20.  A couple of useful tip's on party food:

a.  The main source of mess and difficulty at the tea table is children have a habit of spilling open cups or glasses of drink.  Purchase closed cartons of orange juice or squash with a plastic straw attached - the ones where you break a metallic foil seal with the straw.   These cardboard cartons are spill proof and are mess free - at the end of the party you simply put them in the rubbish bag.

b.  Children like small bite sized food, avoid making large sandwiches - try tiny triangles or very small bread rolls.  They like a platter of fresh fruit and salad items, platters of sweets and confectionery, a platter of savory, a platter of cakes and baked items, a platter of meat choices sausage rolls, cocktail sausages, chicken nuggets.  But keep all the food small and brightly colored and decorated and colorfully presented and easy for them to chew and eat.
Be warned - they tend to not eat very much at the parties I attend - so don't be too disappointed.  If you are cutting up birthday cake - you could put any left over sponge cakes, cup cakes and confectionery into their party bags.

21.  Lorralaughs The Clown would like to recommend HRH The Duchess of Cambridge's family business 'Party Pieces' as a first class mail order supplier of party tableware, party bag components, party decorations etc.

Web:  www.partypieces.co.uk
Tel:   01635 - 201 844 (Send free full color brochure)

Please note they provide excellent customer service, before 12 noon next day deliveries and are very reliable, friendly and helpful on the telephone. 

If you visit the 'Links' tab on this web site - there is a link to Party Pieces - simply click on the link to visit the website. 

An excellent local wholesaler / supplier of party tableware and balloons and party supplies - sited in the centre of Leicester above 'Paper Tiger' on Cank Street is 'House Parti' - they offer 24 hour next day delivery and have an excellent web site - there is a direct link on the 'Links' tab.

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