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Terms of Business

After booking Lorralaughs The Entertainer you will receive a booking confirmation letter, usually by e-mail, that will detail the schedule for your booking and will include the payment terms.  You need to pay for your party within 24 hours of being e-mailed with the booking confirmation letter - through bank transfer (or via a paypal link that I will e-mail to you) - my bank account details are at the foot of the invoice underneath the confirmation letter and you will be e-mailed with a receipt within 24 hours of making your payment. 

Bookings cannot be accepted without full payment being made within 24 hours of the booking confirmation letter being e-mailed to the customer ~ except by mutual agreement between the booker & Lorralaughs The Entertainer.
Lorralaughs the Entertainer understands that problems arise now and then.  If the booker of the entertainment cancels at least 72 hours before the starting time & date of the booking - a 100 % refund of the amounts paid will be refunded within seven days to the booker - wherever possible within three working days.  All refunds are returned to the debit or credit card used to make the payment.
Cancellations within 72 hours of the date and time of the booking are none refundable.
Lorralaugh's None Arrival At Booking
If for any of the following reasons Lorralaughs the Clown is not able to fulfill his promise of entertaining at your function:
*  Illness.
*  Transportation problems / issues.
*  Very bad weather.
*  Third party problems.
Lorralaughs will refund the full amount of any monies paid to secure his attendance at your event within seven days to the booker - wherever possible within three working days.
Outdoor Events

I normally work at children's birthday parties that are held indoors. I do very few outdoor events.

I undertake functions that are outdoors on the basis that if there is poor or inclement weather such as rain / snow on the day of the engagement ~ my full fee will be paid ~ even if the event is cancelled or does not proceed. 

If the weather is wet or cold and I am requested to work ~ if I believe it is an unreasonable request to ask me to suffer with getting cold and wet then I reserve the right to refuse to work in cold or wet weather and my full fee will still be due from the booker.

Face Painting

I have a health and safety policy and set of guidelines that I adhere to for insurance purposes and I would ask you familiarise yourself with these - please click here - face painting health & safety & policy notice.

When I am booked to face paint at private parties and none public social gatherings it is the responsibility of the booker or the party or event organizer to ensure that every child painted’s parents have granted permission for their face to be painted. 


To safeguard myself as a children's entertainer ~ I request that I am never left alone in the space where I am booked to entertain children without another responsible adult - aged over 18 years of age present. 

I reserve the right to refuse to work in the space provided for children's entertainment if their is no other adult aged 18 + present.
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