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For Your Peace Of Mind
                    *  Been full time party entertainer since 1989
                 *  University Graduate (1984) 
                 *  100 % Satisfaction Guarantee ~ Every Booking
                 *  Fully Insured ~ Public Liability Insurance
                 *  Professional Equipment ~ Fully PAT Tested
                 *  Attended & Completed 'Safeguarding Children Course'
                 *  Many 5 Star Reviews On Face Book    
                 *  CV & Career History, Education & Training 
                 *  Every Booking Confirmed In Writing ~ Via E-Mail
                 *  Detailed Receipt E-Mailed With Every Payment
                 *  Run 'Train To Entertain' Training School In Face Painting 
                    & Balloon Modelling & Children's Magic Shows
                 *  Diploma In Face Painting
                  Diploma In Balloon Modelling

If you are celebrating a wedding and have thought about hiring a professional children's entertainer to keep the children entertained & amused during the wedding breakfast and early evening then we have put together a package of seven entertainment activities to amuse & entertain children from 1 - 10 years of age.

Our 'Magnificent 7' Package

Lorralaughs The Entertainer
(Clown ~ Magician ~ Wizard ~ Pirate ~ Santa)

1.  Comedy Magic Show

A thirty minute zany, high energy comedy magic show with a comedy routine with slap stick & laughter, shouting, humor and lots and lots of  audience participation.  The programme of magical entertainment is intelligently delivered - with the focus on fun, laughter and instilling some good values ~ the magic words are '..please &  thank you' and ..' super sorry'.  Three children are chosen as helpers & are used in three tricks - each receives a quality prize for assisting with the magic. The show has a touch of the 'pantomime palavers' with lot's of audience participation and mad cap humor.

I supply an attractive matching table dressing and magic table.

2.  Balloon Modelling 

For the children - making them colorful balloon creations: Balloons for the Girls – butterflies, angels, love hearts, flowers, swans and teddy bears in hearts, pink triumph motorbikes. Balloons for the Boys - Triumph Motorbike, Daffy Duck, giant cartoon rabbit, fishing rods with gold fish, knight with hat, sword, shield and sword holder, spaceman, teddy bears. 

6 Foot High Balloon Modelling Pull Up Banner Taken To Every Wedding Function - For Children To Choose A Ballloon From

3.  Face Painting

Using the best quality hypo-allergenic and none toxic dermitologically tested water based face paints Lorralaughs The Clown will keep the children entertained with a kaleidoscope of fantasy faces with added glitter. Each face takes on average about five minutes to paint. Lorralaughs The Clown is fully insured with public liability insurance.  Face paint easily removed with soap & water.

Girl's – princess’s, pink and purple rabbit, panda, brown rabbit, flower garlands, angels, cat’s, snow queen, tigress, witch.  

Boy’s – tiger’s, lions, leopards, panther, pirate, wizard, rabbit, mouse, dog, batman.

N.B. I supply my own plastic washable and sterilized plastic 3 foot square portable table and plastic chairs, washable table cloth and pull up banner showing all of the face paint designs.

4.  Games and Competitions

Games & competitions, includes all the props, prizes and music from a digital music player through a PA speaker on a speaker pole with spoken direction from me through a hands free radio microphone on a wireless headset.  Commences with a high energy 'ice breaker' game – aimed at energizing the children at the start of the party & breaking down the physical & emotional barriers between the children and strengthening the connection between them.

There is a fast paced series of games and activities that are dynamic & exciting and some involve both the children and the parents that are present.  By having the participation of the parents - then the whole family become involved & the party is more entertaining.  The games foster cooperation and the pleasure of participation in a shared activity whilst also rewarding a degree of competition and the handing out of many small prizes.  The activities include all of the children all of the time, I do not play elimination games – where the children drop out one at a time – and you end up with two children involved and the rest not taking part. I alternate between very active games and activity and quiet sit down entertainment – so there is a constant light and shade and ebb and flow of the children’s energy level.  

The games are designed to encourage the use of different skills and senses - there is a 'listening game' and a game with lot's of physical activity with lot's of doing.

5.  Party Dances

A session of party dances with prizes - hokey cokey, conga, music man, aga-do, birdie song, the can can, cha cha slide, YMCA, superman song, macarena, gang-nam-style etc etc.

6.  Craft & Paper Based Activities

Lorralaughs The Clown will supply color in sheets, prize for best colored in picture. Coloring in pens, puzzles and other activities are supplied to keep the children busy.

7.  'Bubble Machine'

An enormous state of the art electric bubble machine - with four fans and operated by remote control that will fill the entertainment room with an ocean of bubbles.  Watch their faces light up with excitement.


2 Hours - £250 - within Leicestershire.
3 Hours - £300 - within Leicestershire.
4 Hours - £350 - within Leicestershire.

Additional Petrol Charges ( - If Venue Is Outside Of Leicestershire.)

+ £10 - Derby / South Derbyshire
+ £15 - Staffordshire / Rutland
+ £20 - North Derbyshire / Nottingham / Nottinghamshire / Coventry /
+ £25 - Birmingham / West Midlands / Northampton / Northamptonshire.
+ £30 - Lincolnshire / South Yorkshire

For the Wedding Package your booking price includes:

*  Full public liability insurance.
*  Electrical equipment PAT tested.
*  All equipment supplied insured through commercial insurance cover.
*  Good quality, clean freshly laundered and ironed colorful clown costume.
*  Professional quality clown red nose, wig and make-up from the USA.
*  Professional quality giant comedy red and yellow clown boots from the USA.
*  Three gifts for three helpers in my comedy clown magic show.
*  Large quantity of small 'sweet' prizes handed out during the party games.
*  Pass the parcel - supplied with good quality gift inside & a good quality 'lolly' 
    between each layer.
*  All expenses incurred including transport and petrol costs.
*  Booking confirmation e-mailed letter confirming the party details.
*  Receipt of your booking payment e-mail sent to confirm you have paid for  
   your booking.
*  Thank you e-mail - thanking you for booking me after the party has taken 
*  Digital music player and a digital PA speaker system on a speaker pole.
*  Hands free headset radio microphone.
*  Background music played prior to entertainment commencing.
*  Background music played during any refreshment /  tea interval.
*  Coloring in competition with sheets and coloring pens and prize.
*  Supply of paper puzzles and activities & pens.
*  Arrival at entertainment venue 2 hours - 3 hours prior to commencement of 
*  Departure from venue - within 60 minutes of entertainment ending.

How To Book & Pay

1.  Read carefully through this page on Children's Wedding Entertainment - each
     package is performed by Lorralaughs The Clown - and decide which one is right for    
     you - decide whether you require a 2, 3 or 4 hour long package.
2.  When you have chosen your preferred Children's Wedding Entertainment Package -  
     telephone (or e-mail) me to confirm availability and book your entertainment.
3.  I will e-mail/mail you a booking confirmation letter with a full schedule of the
     entertainment you have booked. 
4.  Payment - you have 24 hours from receiving the booking confirmation letter by
     e-mail / mail to pay for your Children's Wedding Entertainment through the 'Paypal 
     Buy Now' button on this website.
     Choose the Children's Wedding Entertainment 2 Hours / 3 Hours / 4 Hours /
     and add to the shopping cart and then add the petrol charges and add this to the
     shopping cart.  Please note there is no additional petrol charge if the wedding is taking
     place in Leicestershire - there is only an additional charge for travel / petrol if the
     venue for the wedding is outside Leicestershire.  Then proceed to the checkout and
     pay.  A receipt for your payment will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours.

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